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Contact us to see a demo of our Mishloach Manot fundraising program. Please call 201-477-8746 or email support @ happypurim.com to learn more about running a Purim Basket fundraiser for your Jewish organization

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What is a Mishloach Manot Fundraiser?

What is Happy Purim’s Mishloach Manot software?

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HappyPurim.com enables your organization’s members to signup online, select whom they would like to send Shalach Manot to, and securely pay by credit card, PayPal, Google Checkout, or e-check.

Happy Purim also provides an administrative website where all aspects of the fundraiser are managed and monitored, including the ability to input paper orders for your members without internet access.

Happy Purim allows you to focus on the big picture, the Shalach Manos baskets, and the marketing—instead of on the boring tedious work!

Let Happy Purim bring your Purim project into the 21st century, help you save on your costs, and raise more with less effort than any other solution—guaranteed! Contact us today to find out why synagogues and Jewish Schools worldwide have been using HappyPurim.com since 2003!

I have been running a Purim fundraiser for our school for about 15 years and this was the first time it was simple, smooth and easy for the people ordering as well as for the administrative side.

Susan S.

PTA Volunteer & Shalach Monos Fundraiser Head

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